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By Atlas High Purity Solutions team • August 7, 2018

Humidification feed RO water system for Boston R&D facility

Challenge: A Boston-based R&D organization required reverse osmosis (RO) water to feed humidification equipment at a few points of use.

Solution: Atlas High Purity Solutions engineered a custom RO-based solution to deliver ~5 GPM of RO water to several humidification units located in various locations throughout the customer's facility. The system is driven by a bladder tank that supplies constant pressure to each humidification unit. Pretreatment through RO and distribution was pre-fabricated at Atlas and installed on site.


Atlas High Purity Solutions has been designing, installing, and servicing high purity water systems for more than thirty years, and is the leading provider of reverse osmosis and DI water solutions in the northeast United States.

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