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Central Sterile Water solution designed to solve corrosion issues

Atlas High Purity Solutions summarizes a high purity water solution designed to solve central sterile corrosion issues


Challenge: A regional healthcare facility approached Atlas High Purity Solutions with several problems:

1) A newly installed sterilizer was experiencing “staining" due to hardness deposits which were accelerating degradation of key stainless steel components within the machines.

2) The existing laboratory was frustrated with the consumable requirements of their benchtop lab water system, as filters and resin cartridges needed to be replaced very frequently.

The facility’s team had explored service deionization (SDI) solutions with a large high purity water company based outside the northeast. The organization was not transparent about the replacement requirements for direct feed SDI given total usage and water quality on site.

Solution: Atlas High Purity Solutions quickly calculated estimated annual costs for an SDI solution and proposed a reverse osmosis (RO) + DI based solution as an alternative. The return on investment of adding RO prior to DI would be less than two years vs. continuing with solely SDI. When viewed in the context of supporting the lab and central sterile processing, RO + DI ("RODI") was a clear choice for the following reasons:

1) The central RODI system designed by Atlas High Purity Solutions provides continuously recirculating deionized water meeting the minimum resistivity specifications of the sterilizer OEM.

2) The recirculating system included UV for bacteria management and sub-micron final filtration to create a solution meeting AAMI TIR 34 guidelines.

3) The central system is easily disinfected to maintain the facility's bacteria and endotoxin goals.

4) Water sent to lab from loop is easily polished to 18+ megohms per lab water quality requirements (ASTM Type 1a).

Atlas High Purity Solutions worked in conjunction with AmeriWater to design a system comprised of the following equipment: carbon pretreatment (cartridge), reverse osmosis, exchange DI tanks, storage tank and recirculation pump, 254 nm UV, 0.2 micron absolute final filtration, online quality monitoring.

The facility chose to partner with Atlas High Purity Solutions to install a new RODI system with a recirculating loop. The partnership resulted in controlled high purity water feeding central sterile applications and meeting all OEM requirements for water quality. Loop drops to labs provided high purity water for lab applications dramatically improving the lifespan of lab water system consumables.

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Atlas High Purity Solutions has been designing, installing, and servicing high purity water systems for more than thirty years, and is the leading provider of reverse osmosis and DI water solutions in the northeast United States.

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