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By Atlas High Purity Solutions team • March 4, 2019

DI Water System for Boston Life-sciences Laboratory

Atlas High Purity Solutions summarizes the design and installation of a DI water system for a Boston life-sciences laboratory


Challenge: A premier life-sciences company located in greater Boston required varying water qualities for multiple applications. Reverse osmosis (RO) water was required for stability chambers while ASTM Type 1 water was required for laboratories. The company desired a single solution for both applications

Solution: Atlas High Purity Solutions designed a custom high purity (ultrapure) water system to supply both RO water for the stability chambers and ASTM Type 1 high purity water for lab applications. The system is driven by a single RO system and features monitoring equipment from Thornton/Mettler Toledo, UV from Aquafine, and other equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers. The Atlas system has containment and features leak detection/shut-off to prevent emergencies. Atlas engineered the custom high purity system in 3D to meet the specific requirements of the company’s desired location.

Laboratory DI Water


Atlas High Purity Solutions has been designing, installing, and servicing high purity water systems for more than thirty years, and is the leading provider of reverse osmosis and DI water solutions in the northeast United States.

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