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By Atlas High Purity Solutions team • September 1, 2017

High Purity Central Sterile Water for Boston Healthcare Facility

Atlas High Purity Solutions summarizes the design and installation of a high purity central sterile water system for a Boston healthcare facility. 

Challenge: A top-tier healthcare facility in Boston, MA was seeking a high purity water partner to provide a central sterile water system to meet the needs of new and existing central sterile equipment. A 50 GPM recirculating loop was designed with the following key criteria silica < 0.5 mg/l, Resistivity > 0.5 megohms, Bacteria < 500 CFU/ml. The system had to be designed for zero-down time during service (excluding loop disinfections). Space was very limited which restricted skid-built options for systems.

Solution: Atlas High Purity Solutions and Pure Flow designed a high purity central sterile water system all major equipment items arranged in duplex parallel configurations to allow for zero-downtime. Equipment items included the following:

  • Cartridge-based pretreatment (duplex for continuous operation during service)
  • Carbon tanks for chlorine removal (duplex)
  • Softeners for hardness reduction (duplex)
  • Duplex alternating reverse osmosis (RO) systems - GE/ Suez E4 – (RO’s alternate filling the tank and run parallel in emergency low level scenarios)
  • Storage tank with duplex Grundfos 50 GPM distribution pumps
  • NeoTech UV with NIST traceable UV intensity meter
  • Final filter housings with Hytrex 0.2 micron absolute filters from GE/Suez
  • Thornton/Mettler Toledo Instrumentation
  • Custom PLC with touchscreen HMI and option for remote monitoring

The system was built on site and has been performing flawlessly for the end user with no downtime for service required.

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Atlas High Purity Solutions has been designing, installing, and servicing high purity water systems for more than thirty years, and is the leading provider in the northeastern United States.

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