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Central RO Water System for Cambridge, MA Tech Company

Atlas High Purity Solutions summarizes a central RO system designed and installed at a prominent tech company's facility in Cambridge, MA

Challenge: A premier technology firm located in Cambridge, MA, required reverse osmosis (RO) water for a variety of applications. Spacial constraints were a key concern and the end-user required distribution points to multiple loops on varying floors of a high-rise building.

Solution: Atlas High Purity Solutions designed a turnkey high purity water system to fit the tight, upper-floor utility closet designated for the system. The high purity water system was designed in 3D to ensure a perfect fit within the room. All feed to the RO pretreatment was piped in copper by the licensed plumbers on our installation team. Our team also completed all loop piping for the system feeding various points of use on multiple floors of the Cambridge high rise building. The high purity water solution consisted of sediment filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and distribution technologies including sub-micron final filtration and 254 nanometer (nm) UV. 

The completed project exemplifies our ability to design systems to function within tight spacial constraints, which is a common problem for many facilities located in downtown Boston and Cambridge.

RO System and Post Treatment



 Atlas High Purity Solutions has been designing, installing, and servicing high purity water systems for more than thirty years, and is the leading provider of reverse osmosis and DI water solutions in the northeast United States.

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