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By Atlas High Purity Solutions team • September 6, 2016

Remote Monitoring for High Purity Water Systems

High purity water equipment produces a considerable amount of data that is typically only logged manually or monitored periodically. However, most reverse osmosis (RO) systems and other high purity water technologies have data that can be easily accessed remotely with relatively modest controls upgrades.

At Atlas High Purity Solutions and Pure Flow, we recognized the need for great data visibility and partnered with a remote monitoring solution provider - - to get high purity water and reverse osmosis equipment data into the cloud to make it more useful for both our company as service providers and our customers as end users.

Our solution utilizes either cell or wifi for data transmission and we deliver key system metrics including RO primary pressure, RO % rejection, RO recovery, PH, loop resistivity, UV status, DI resistivity light alarms, and many other data points. For security purposes, 128-bit encryption is utilized and data is read-only. The software allows us to set alarms that notify us in real-time if equipment performance falls out of specification or otherwise indicates a concern for individual equipment items.

Key benefits include the following:

·      Identify negative trends in equipment performance before they become a problem

·      Send system performance alarms to mobile device based on user specified tolerances

·      Migrate toward conditions-based service vs scheduled maintenance

·      Enable end users to view key equipment performance from any location

While remote monitoring doesn’t make sense for every system or application, it is a compelling case for critical high purity water RO / deionization (DI) systems producing many data points. Our remote monitoring tool puts that data to work in a user-friendly, highly customizable way that pays dividends for high purity water operators.

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